Job analysis is investigation of a job to figure out which exercises and duties it demands, its relative significance to various jobs, the individual capabilities and traits important for execution of the activities related to the job and the conditions under which the work is performed.

Job analysis is frequently mistaken for job evaluation, yet the two exercises are very different from one and other. Job evaluation is the way toward contrasting jobs with other job within the association to decide the fitting pay.

OHC follows a systematic procedure to conduct job analysis and the steps that may be included are

  • Planning job analysis
  • Prepare for and introduction of job analysis
  • Conducting the job analysis
  • Developing job descriptions and job specifications
  • Maintaining and updating job descriptions and job specifications

We change our job analysis method according to the need of the job nature. We probe into the depth and explore all dimensions of the job and conduct Job analysis.

Which areas do we cover in Job analysis?

OHC covers the following areas in job analysis

  • Duties and percentage of time spent
  • Contact with people
  • Supervision
  • Physical dimensions
  • Decision made
  • Jobholder characteristics

OHC’s Job analysis covers multiple aspects related to the job and one of those aspects is behavioral aspect of the job which include

  • Inflation of the job titles
  • Managerial anxieties
  • Current Incumbents emphasis
  • Employee fear and anxieties