Human resource analytics is an area in the field of analytics that refers to applying analytic processes to the human resource department of an organization in the hope of improving employee performance and therefore getting a better return on investment. It is the application data mining and business analytics techniques to talent data.

People Analytics

People Analytics is a data-­driven approach to managing people at work. Analytics, applied to “people issues” – workforce planning, hiring, performance management, compensation, retention, engagement, well-being and others. People Analytics is a more rigorous approach to a traditionally “soft” HR function. It brings together an organization’s people data to solve specific business problems in areas such as talent, sales productivity, operational excellence, fraud identification, policies effectiveness, and internal / external customer satisfaction.

Our People Analytics team has developed proven and tested strategies and road-map for people analytics implementation, which together focus on strengthening the value chain between HR, the workforce and business objectives to improve organisational performance. Our service offerings are in following areas;

Right Data Sourcing:

We help you to define, collect and collect people and business data from different sources so you can make fact-based decisions. We identify the critical data, assess the quality, and help you understand how it can be accessed. Our methods for workforce data collection include employee surveys, interviews, focus groups, HR digital technologies, and other engagement techniques.

Impactful Analytics:

We use statistical analyses, we assess the risks and opportunities around human resources, finance, motivation, engagement, conduct, organisational culture, behaviours and outcomes. We draw on the powerful analytics capabilities contained with your core HR systems, to truly maximise the value they provide you. We use statistical inference approach and train your staff in the area of descriptive analytics, predictive analytics and prescriptive analytics for problem solving and futurities impactful and informed decision making.

Training & Capacity building:

We provide trainings that are designed to build local and client capacity by enhancing functionality of clients and equipping them with the knowledge, skills and best practices needed to operate in People Analytics areas. Type of trainings we offer are:

  • HR Analytics Certification Program
  • HR Data Analyst
  • Strategic HR Metrics Applied Program
  • Introduction to People Analytics
  • People Analytics – Strategy & Execution Plan
  • Statistics for HR professionals
  • Manging Human Capital
  • HR Technology Transformation
  • Digital HR – Strategy & Execution Plan
  • HR Datafication Process
  • HR dashboards in Excel and PowerBI